Theory and Practice are the keys to success.

If you want to gain all necessary knowledge and start working successfully, our Personal Training Academy is exactly what you are looking for. Trust us and we will meet your expectations. Personal training courses ensure the maximum attention of the teacher towards the student. Courses can be taught in Greek, English and Russian language.

Training Course Costs: 450€ with a discount of 25% under certain terms; (call and ask more about discount terms)
In 3 days you will master both eyelash extension techniques which are in high demand from clients.

During "UNIQUE" Training Course we teach students both Theory and Practice:

  • Analysis of all really necessary materials;
  • Analysis of schemes and methods of building, modeling of different eye shapes;
  • Practice on two models with creation of different effects and volume, using The Best quality materials.

This basic course is right for you if:

  • You've never done eyelash extension before;
  • You have studied as a lashmaker somewhere , but you feel that for some reason you don't have enough knowledge.

Motivation to learn to become a lashmaker:

  • You can have a good salary and at the same time left with precious time to devote to your loved ones.

Why is the profession of a lashmaker beneficial?

  • Eyelash extension is a high demand procedure with a low cost price;
  • The training will pay off in few days, even if you receive 1 client per day for 30€;
  • The average cost of the procedure is 30-50€. Your earnings per month are 1500-2500€ if your work only 2-4 hours per day.
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